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Exercises of Prayer

A 12 Step Outline:
Exercises of Prayer
Written by: His Grace Bishop Youanis
Paradise of the Spirit

1. Practice physical deference: includes the raising of the hands towards Heaven, standing straight, avoiding a sluggish posture, kneeling at the appropriate times and guarding the senses (sight, sound, and touch). This exercise should be gradually performed, and not all at once.

2. Seek veneration from within: the feeling of the presence of God and His greatness deep within the heart.

3. Train yourself to pray with the aid of the Agpeya.

4. Memorize many of the Holy Psalms and other prayers from the Agpeya so that eventually one can do without them visually and be able to pray without anyone else noticing.

5. Add your own special prayers in addition to those found in the Agpeya.

6. Pray, Lord Jesus Christ have mercy upon me a sinner. To be said at all times and in every place.

7. Say continuous prayers: while walking or at work or driving or being with people.

8. Institute prayers before every deed: for example, before meals, before reading or studying, or before any act, whether physical or mental.

9. Blend work with prayers whenever possible.

10. Extend the periods for prayer: (especially when time permits, like before going to sleep to guard against dreams, and before meals to curb the feeling of hunger.) This exercise can be carried out gradually and may include adding memorized prayers and resisting the temptation of getting the prayers over with.

11. Do not limit prayers to times of need. The main factor in praying is the love of God and not merely the fulfillment of needs. This exercise includes: prayers of thanksgiving, prayers of confession and admitting ones shortcomings.

12. Pray for enemies and foes.

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