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Service in Secret

Once a man came to visit Father Pishoy in his home. At the time Father Pishoy was very ill and confined to his bed. He went on to tell a long story so that he could take money from Father Pishoy. At that time Father Luke was present, so he took the man to one side and discovered that the entire story was a lie. Father Luke then went back to Father Pishoy privately and told him the truth about this man and that he was lying to get money.

So Father Pishoy said to Father Luke, It is true that he is a liar, but should we let him go away empty-handed. Give him pounds maybe this will cause him to repent.
As for serving in secret, this will be announced from the rooftops in the coming of the glory of God when in that day all the secrets are revealed.

For this was the life of Father Pishoy that every service must be presented to our Lord Jesus Christ in secret and the only thing Father Pishoy fought against in his whole life was the advertising and the announcements of any achievements in the service.

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