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Remember Those Who Have No One

Once a youth was coming home, and recognized the car of Father Pishoy parked outside his block of flats. Having entered the house he greeted his father and said, "Father Pishoy is visiting a family near by." His father answered, "No he is visiting a family in this block of flats."

The son said, "Really, who is he visiting" for he did not know or remember any other Christian families who lived in the block of flats.

His father seeing his sons puzzlement smiled and replied, "The family of (el-bowab) the gatekeeper to the block of flats, come and see."

The youth looked out of the small window to see Father Pishoy sat on an old mat on the floor with a low table before him. He was surrounded by the gatekeeper, his wife and their children. He prayed on the simple food they had put before him to eat, and then they ate with him with joy and happiness.

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